Sunday, February 16, 2014

Online Skin & Hair Classes -- International !!!

Hi Everyone!!
I am writing you 
today for a unique and 
SUPER FUN opportunity!!

Alyce from Kit and Clowder
has started her ONLINE and easy
to access SKIN & HAIR coloring Classes!!

You won't want to miss these because you can learn 
from the HAIR EXPERT herself & nobody does hair like Alyce!!

So, here is some more info:
I have signed up for the Skin and Hair Class
**Come Color with me!!   :) :)   When you sign up 
in February, you also get the Snow Queen project (in the pic)
featured below on the right for FREE!!!  :) :)  So you will get detailed 
info on how to color her up!!  AMAZING!!! :) :) :)  I have already worked 
through the first 3 weeks of videos and you can go at your own pace!!  :) :) :) 
((I am going to start over now with all of you!!  So that I can join in the FUN!!!))

The cost of the class is a screaming deal!!! 
It is less money than a ONE day Copic workshop 
and you get 8 weeks of course work which you can do 
at your own pace!!  & you get to come color with me, too!! 
LOL!!!   So, I hope to see you there because I will be learning 
right along with you and we can chat in the forums or the live chat!

I am not being paid or sponsored or endorsed for this blog post!!
I just really wanted to share with you how I learned to color
(from watching Alyce's You Tube Videos!!) and now
I am going to color with her newest videos!! 

Links for you to have:

Main Home Page of the Kit & Clowder site:  HERE

How to Sign up for Classes and more info: HERE

Link to the Skin and Hair Class:  HERE

Link to my page on the forum so you 
can say pop by and say "hello"

I will be back tonight to post my 10 Month blog
candy and the Winners from my 9 month 
mini candy!!  There were 3 winners!!
WOOT!! WOOT!!!  :) :) :)  


  1. Sounds really exciting Nicole, I am sure it will be loads of fun!
    hugs Sue xx

  2. Your colouring is amazing already Nicole, have fun and enjoy the classes lovely lady x Susan x

  3. You don't need the class sweetie you are already awesome at colouring.


  4. I've often wanted to take a Copic class, so I'll keep this one in mind! Thank you for the info! (Though I must repeat what has already been said... your coloring is already spectacular!) :o)

    Hugs and blessings,


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